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Jenna Orosco

Licensed Professional Counselor

Colorado License: LPC.0011925

I want to help.

During therapy I utilize my 15+ years of experience in the mental health field, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy techniques to help you meet your goals. I am a compassionate, nonjudgmental and empathetic person who does have a tendency to swear when the going gets tough!

 My practice is designed to focus on areas that I am passionate about😊

I have received additional training in these subjects and am dedicated to working with people experiencing:

  • Infertility/Family Planning- (in addition to training I have personal experiences in this area)

  • Mental Health Issues- Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, ADHD, Body Image, Disordered Eating etc.

  • Transitions- work, relationships, goal setting etc.

  • Grief

  • Systemic Oppression- A safe space to talk about the trauma of living in a structurally racist and homophobic society, cultivate self-love, and working for social justice

I enjoy helping motivated people challenge unhelpful thought patterns, find their strength, and trust themselves again. Starting therapy means you have hope that things can improve, and while that hope may be buried under layers of heartache and fear, it’s there! I’m always amazed at people’s resiliency and capacity for hope and am committed to helping you connect with that within yourself.

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