About Jenna

Jenna Orosco

Licensed Professional Counselor

Colorado License: LPC.0011925


You are reeling from a major hurdle that life just threw your way.  Your emotions are out of control, you feel fragile and unstable, and dealing with even small stressors is a struggle.  Making decisions feels impossible.   You obsess over worst case scenarios.  And on top of all that you are trying to find the right therapist for you, which, to put it mildly, is about as thrilling and potentially as time consuming as watching paint dry...  

I want to help.


I enjoy helping motivated people challenge unhelpful thought patterns, find their strength, and trust themselves again. Starting therapy means you have hope that things can improve, and while that hope may be buried under layers of heartache and fear, it’s there!  I’m always amazed at people’s resiliency and capacity for hope, and am dedicated to helping you connect with that within yourself.


During therapy I utilize my 15+ years of experience in the mental health field, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy techniques to help you meet your goals.  I am a compassionate, nonjudgmental and empathetic person who does have a tendency to swear when the going gets tough!  I enjoy working with people struggling to deal with life transitions or manage their anxiety and/or perfectionism (I often see them coincide together though not always).  I began working with people struggling with infertility toward the end of my six year journey with it. I was struck by how few mental health resources specializing in infertility there are, especially since it affects 1 out of 8 people.  Building my family was much harder, took much longer and happened in ways I never envisioned, but now I can’t imagine my beautiful family any other way❤.  

Finding not just a good therapist but the right therapist for you is essential.  If these words connect with you please contact me to set up your free consultation and begin finding your way back to a place of hope and joy.