Anxiety & Perfectionism

Regain Balance and Joy

You have spent much of your life “trying to be the best”.  You accomplish all your goals, and you pride yourself at how much you can handle.  You may have been labeled a perfectionist by others, but what’s wrong with that?! Although lately you aren’t sleeping at night and your mind is constantly racing.  "Down Time" is very uncomfortable so you make sure that you don't have any, and you’ve begun to notice pain and discomfort in your body.   You are filled with worry and guilt that you are failing your loved ones and suspect that any moment things will get much worse.  It's so hard to be vulnerable with anyone.  You feel completely alone.


I help driven and focused people create balance in their life.  I share strategies and suggest adjustments that can be implemented in daily life to increase relaxation and self-compassion.  My hope is that your motivation for working hard becomes driven by passion and joy, not fear.  


If you are looking to silence your inner critic, find balance and feel at peace in your mind and body contact me for a consultation.