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Mental Health and Wellness

Regain Balance and Joy

Providing treatment for the following:

  • Depression

    • Do you no longer enjoy what used to make you happy? Are you sleeping too much, or not enough? Are you exhausted all the time​? Irritable? Apathetic around issues and people that you typically care about?

    • A myth around depression is that people experiencing it are sad and crying constantly. That can be true for some people, although others experience high agitation or no emotion at all.

    • If you are having suicidal thoughts it is imperative that you talk to a mental health practitioner. They are more common than people realize, though it is a sign that things are not going well and you need help. Some people fear talking about suicidal ideation because then they may be hospitalized. Hospitalization is the highest level of intervention and is only used for immediate safety concerns. There are many other interventions that can be utilized. Just please talk about it. Call or text 988 if you are in crisis.

  • Anxiety

    • Is your body "on edge"? Are you worried about worst case scenarios constantly? Do you have panic attacks? Is your mind racing? ​

    • Anxiety sometimes feels like you are spinning a hundred plates in the air, and if you let up for just a  moment everything around you will come crashing down. Lets practice putting some plates down!

  • ADHD

    • Can't focus? Easily distracted? Difficulty starting or ending projects?

    • ADHD shares similar symptoms with other mental health disorders to it is very important to have a thorough evaluation by a mental health practitioner. Medication may be an option that you discuss with your doctor, although there are many other tools that are effective as well.​

  • Trauma

    • Having flashbacks of a dangerous or violent situation that occurred? Gaps in your memory? Trouble connecting with others? Emotionally dis-regulated? Feeling unsafe when there is not a threat present?​

    • Post-traumatic stress disorder and other stress disorders are terrible. Your body is constantly on alert for threats, and fears relaxing or being vulnerable. Stress disorders are also not only very treatable, but respond well to a variety of different treatments. Talk therapy is one, that this agency provides. You might also explore EMDR, exposure therapy or cognitive processing therapy.

  • Body Image/Self Esteem Issues/Disordered Eating

    • Critical of how you look or act? Constantly comparing yourself to others? Spending A LOT of time thinking about your weight, appearance, or food? Being unkind to yourself? Not speaking up in class or meetings? Struggling with "Imposter Syndrome?"​

    • We live in a society whose economy thrives on telling us we aren't good enough! How much money is spent on advertising products we need to become "better versions of ourselves?" Don't even get me started on the impact of social media on our levels of satisfaction! (Hint, it nosedives). But what would it be like to have all that energy that is spent on focusing on your weight, appearance, food, mannerisms, back?! That energy is yours, not theirs.

  • and more...

Treatment may begin with a questionnaire to assess the level of your symptoms. Mental health treatment is very effective for mild, moderate and severe symptoms, please don't talk yourself out of therapy because "I don't have it that bad" or "I'm feeling so bad nothing can help". 

We focus not only on treating mental health symptoms, but on encouraging wellness. For example not only is the goal to become less depressed, but to enjoy and feel connected in your life! What does wellness look like to you?


If you are looking to decrease symptoms of mental health issues, and find balance and peace in your mind and body contact me for a consultation.

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