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Systemic Oppression

Resist. Repair. Rejoice.

You are perfect. The world is not.

At Resolve Counseling all people and their individual experiences and journeys are honored. If you identify as a BIPOC, LGBTQIA or disabled person you may have experienced blatant and/or subtle aggressions that have impacted you, shaped your life, and worsened mental health symptoms. In some instances this onslaught of discrimination may have traumatized you or your family.

If you have been harmed by an institution (your work, government, school, place of worship, community etc) you deserve to be heard and believed. You deserve safety and peace. You deserve to heal. While some incredibly strong and brave people have been working a long time on changing the world, and some of us are just joining the fight, it will take awhile. So in the meantime find a sanctuary where you can heal, strengthen yourself, and find joy again.


As poet Toi Derricotte stated "Joy is an act of resistance".

I am strongly committed to social justice, reproductive justice, equality, equity and have pursued clinical training in these areas. And, in all transparency, I am a white, heteronormative, cis-gendered, able bodied woman. If you would prefer to speak with a therapist who has more personal experiences to you in regards to race, sexual orientation, gender, or abilities please consult this directory here.

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