Infertility Counseling

Restore Intimacy and Hope

Each month is a roller coaster of emotion.  You spend half the month obsessively tracking your fertility window, sex with your partner has become scheduled and a chore (wasn’t this supposed to be the fun part?!), and you spend the second half of the month convinced you are pregnant and then berating yourself for getting your hopes up.  Yet tragically, month after month, you are hit with a huge wave of grief over not being pregnant. You feel isolated from your loved ones as they struggle to find the right thing to say.  You are disconnected from your partner and yourself, uncertain about the next step, and some days it feels like your anger and sadness will consume you.


I help individuals and couples share their emotions in a safe space and then move from a state of paralysis to action.  I will share tools to increase your confidence when communicating your needs with your partner and your medical team.  We will also practice strategies to keep your head above water when you feel like you are drowning in sadness and despair.

Possible Discussion Topics:

  • Getting pregnant organically

  • Assisted reproduction methods including the use of medication, IUIs and IVF

  • Adoption

  • Choosing to be childless

  • Secondary infertility

  • Miscarriages/pregnancy loss

  • LGBTQ family planning

  • The use of donor eggs, sperm or embryo 

  • Surrogacy

Services Offered:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

  • Support Group for Women Coping with Infertility

  • Blog articles addressing a number of fertility issues and suggestions on how to cope

  • Virtual sessions for Colorado residents who are not able to travel to the Longmont office

The desire to have a baby is consuming you and your relationship.  Contact me for a free consult to begin gaining clarity and hope as you strive to build your family.